Warren Minshull Memorial Cup

Pontnewynydd AFC host the annual Warren Minshull Memorial Cup this coming Saturday. The fixture is held annualy In memory of former Upper Cwmbran FC Player and Coach Warren Minshull.

Warren sadly passed away well before his time was described as a defender who gave his “heart”, “soul” and “love” to then Upper Cwmbran FC.

Upper Cwmbran FC

Warren Joined Upper Cwmbran FC in January 2016 as well as being a renowned defender Warren was also one of the team’s coaches.

Warren joined the club whilst it was in its infancy, and quickly established himself as an important member of the squad.

Warren was and still is dearly loved by the players of Upper Cwmbran FC (Now Pontnewynydd AFC) and was regularly seen with an arm around a player sharing his wisdom and love for his fellow players.



First Memorial Cup

The very first Warren Minshull Memorial Cup took place on December 15th, 2018. The fixture featured both Pontnewynydd AFC sides which had seen the reserve team come away with a 3-1 win over the first side.


Pontnewynydd AFC

A club reform and a move to the Pontypool area after securing the Ruffets football field in 2018. Upper Cwmbran FC would cease to be and from here on out would be known as Pontnewynydd AFC.

Although a change in location and name the club and its players bring with them the love and respect for their former club’s man Warren and will continue the tradition of the annual memorial cup in his honor and in honor of his wife Lisa and their three children, and will continue supporting the family in any way which they can help.

Warren will always live on through his loved ones, the player’s who he loved deeply, and through Pontnewynydd AFC

Pontnewynydd AFC since the day of Warren’s passing has retired the number 2 jersey worn by Warren at Upper Cwmbran FC. No one can ever fill Warrens’s Number 2 jersey at Pontnewynydd AFC and no one ever will as the number is only reserved for Warren and his family.


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