Talgarth Town Football Club

Talgarth Town FC is a Welsh football team based in TalgarthPowysWales. The team used to play in Central Wales League Southern Division, which is at the fourth tier of the Welsh football league system but for the 2023–24 season dropped to the Gwent Central League which is the eighth tier.


Talgarth Town was founded in 1969 as a successor team to Talgarth FC which had disbanded seven years earlier. The 1971–72 season is regarded as the team’s most successful season where they were league champions and winners in seven cup finals.


Talgarth FC
Mid Wales League (South) – Champions: 1987–88
Radnorshire Cup – Winners: 1988–89
Mid Wales League Cup – Runners-up: 1990–91
Welsh National League (Central Wales) First Division – Runners-up: 1926–27

Talgarth Town
Mid Wales League (South) – Champions: 2018–19
Radnorshire Cup – Runners-up: 2013–14
Brecon & District League – Champions: 1971–72 (unbeaten)
Brecon & District League – Runners-up: 1970–71
Brecon and District League Cup – Winners: 1971–72
Talgarth R.A.F.A. Cup – Winners: 1969–70, 1970–71, 1971–72
Glasbury Challenge Cup – Winners: 1971–72
Glasbury Challenge Cup – Runners-up: 1970–71
Hay Cup – Winners: 1971–72
Boughrood Cup – Winners: 1971–72
John Hando Cup – Winners: 1971–72
Alfred Sparey Cup, Presteigne – Winners: 1971–72

Gwent Central Division Two

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