thomas davies

Thomas Davies

Thomas Davies one of the founders of Pontnewynydd AFC. Thomas is the current chairman of Pontnewynydd AFC and an active player.
Daniel Rouf Pontnewynydd AFC secretary

Daniel Rouf

Daniel Rouf is club secretary at Pontnewynydd AFC. Daniel joined the club in 2020 after a stint as chairman down Caerleon Town AFC
New Reserve Team Manager

Harry Furness

Harry Furness has been appointed the new reserve team manager for Pontnewynydd AFC. Harry has proven himself time and time again as a great coach. Being appointed as the New Pontnewynydd AFC Reserve Team Manager is a great starting…
Phil Paine MAnager

Phil Paine

Anyone would struggle to find a more honest and nicer person than Phil. Phil is the head of the club for a reason, his dedication, commitment, and diplomatic approach make Phil a very likable person. Furthermore, Phil's years of…

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