pontnewynydd AFC fixtures July 3rd

Pontnewynydd AFC v Blaenavon Blues

Pontnewynydd AFC continues their pre-season continues this weekend with both Pontnewynydd sides playing Blaenavon Blues.

Pontnewynydd AFC coming oof two losses last weekend as the injuries continue to pile high look to gain back some momentum in what will be two tough challenges for both sides.

Pontypool Town v Pontnewynydd AFC (Mixed Squad)

Pontnewynydd AFC had no choice but to call up 9 reserve team players last Friday to play Pontypool Town.

Due to the change in schedule and the ever-increasing injuries throughout the club Pontnewynydd had to pull on its resources and allow several reserve team players to show their hunger for the first team.

Although losing 4-3 on the night Pontnewynydd had won a much larger battle as the call-ups certainly performed to their best proof that they can mix it up with the first team on any given occasion.

Making the gaffer and the club very proud of their individual and team performances.


Player injuries

More Injuries

Unfortunately, the weekend’s fixtures only provided more headaches. Even more player injuries with over a quarter of the club carrying injuries some greater than others selection for both sides is becoming a challenge each week.

Luckily Pontnewynydd AFC has a large pool of players to select from.

Pontnewynydd Reserves v Rogerstone AFC

The remaining reserve team players hosted Rogerstone AFC with their first game back at the ruffets.

Pontnewynydd spent the best part of 24 hours trying to get a replacement referee for the home fixture as the scheduled referee had fallen ill just a day before the fixture.

In stepped Harvey Phillpot in our hour of need. Harvey generously donated his referee’s purse to the Eden Gate charity in Newport.

The game kicked off and within the first few moments of the game, Ricky Bates went off with a serious injury and had to go to the A&E. 

The players obviously concerned for their comrade let their heads drop and couldn’t focus on the game and within minutes went 5-0 down.

After 30 minutes the lads manage to screw their heads back on and focus on the game only conceding 2 in the final 60 minutes.

With the lack of experience for some of the younger faces and the concern for Rickie’s wellbeing as well as facing tough opposition Pontnewynydd couldn’t muster the result they deserved and for the first time, this pre-season failed to get on the score sheet.


New Reserve Team Manager
New Reserve Team Manager

Some great news came from the not-so-productive weekend and that was the appointment of the new reserve team manager Harry Furness and his coach Stephen Farr.

Both are welcome additions to not just the reserve side who has been seeking the ideal manager these past few months but the club as a whole.

This weekend’s fixtures will be Harry’s and Stephen’s first game at the head of the reserve side. Read more

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