New Reserve Team Manager

New Reserve Team Manager

After weeks of searching and sifting through applications for the role of Pontnewynydd AFC Reserve team manager. Pontnewynydd AFC has come to an agreement with what the club thinks to be the perfect candidate for the job.

Pontnewynydd AFC understands that managerial jobs in grassroots football are not that desirable these days even for a club with a well-structured club such as ours. However, the applications kept coming in, and even though every individual brought their own unique perspective to the club and their desire to fulfill the position Pontnewynydd AFC owes to their players the perfect candidate for the role as reserve team manager.

New Reserve Team Manager

Pontnewynydd AFC is proud to announce the appointment of Harry Furness as the new Pontnewynydd AFC Reserve Team Manager.

Harry has proven himself time and time again as a great coach and being appointed as the New Pontnewynydd AFC Reserve Team Manager is a great starting platform for Harry and with the full support of the committee and the players Harry is by far the perfect candidate for the role.

Harry has all the qualities the club desired for the role. A great level of commitment and ambition as well as great interaction with the players sealed the deal.

New Reserve Team Manager
stephen farr

Reserve Team Manager Assistant 

Another great addition to the side is Harry’s assistant coach Stephen Farr. Stephen is joining Pontnewynydd AFC as a coach and as a player.

Stephen is a prolific striker in his own right and will be a great addition not just to the reserve side but also to the squad’s depth in general.

Pontnewynydd AFC

Pontnewynydd AFC is 100% committed to supporting both Harry and Stephen as they step into their new roles as reserve team manager and coach. 

Pontnewynydd AFC has welcomed both to the #Pontfamily with open arms and looks forward to getting both settled in to their new roles.

Pontnewynydd AFC

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