Gwent Central Division Two Matchday 1

This weekend sees the kick-off of Gwent Central Division Two. It’s been over 18 months since a ball was last kicked in division two. Furthermore, with Division one kicking off 3 weeks ago many of the league’s reserve sides have been eagerly anticipating the start of the season.

Division Two

A few changes to Gwent Central Division Two this year with the addition of HMP Prescoed FC and the late addition of PILCS FC. HMP Prescoed FC was originally banned from the league as concerns were raised with equality and Safeguarding. HMP Prescoed FC appealed the decision on the grounds of rehabilitation and mental health.

Pontnewynydd AFC Reserves

Pontnewynydd AFC Reserve side’s first game of the new season is against HMP Prescoed FC. Although the fixture is technically supposed to be played at the Ruffets, Due to HMP Prescoed FC being unable to play away from the prison the dragons travel to prescoed this weekend.



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