Crazy Numbers

Pontnewynydd AFC digital marketing produces crazy numbers. All backed with analytic data Pontnewynydd AFC currently draw’s over 200,000 views each month through their various platforms.

Digital marketing

Pontnewynydd AFC digital marketing using various forms of digital marketing and digital marketing tools. Tools such as google analytics, Spout, Business suit, and SEMrush just to name a few. Pontnewynydd AFC focus on SEO, SMM, Graphics, Content marketing and of course our new website to get a head in the online game.

digital marketing packages

At present Pontnewynydd AFC only offer a basic digital marketing package which comes FREE as standard with any of our sponsorship packages Available Here.

As with all grassroots clubs Pontnewynydd AFC is a non profit club and rely on the generosity of local businesses with sponsorships and advertising packages. It is this generosity why we include our digital marketing expertise in with any sponsorship deal. Digital marketing is the way forward for any business to be successful these days and with our qualified digital marketer we aim to give back to those who have so generously helped the club financial. However in the coming months the club will be offering fully customizable marketing packages to all businesses in the area at a reasonable fee.

Social Media

Pontnewynydd AFC social media profile is growing every month and has been growing rapidly since our digital marketing manager has been on board. Our Facebook profile has grown 6 fold in a space of 2 months with that number increasing daily. With an average of 60,000 Facebook views a month the Pontnewynydd brand and that of its’ sponsors is certainly getting the attention that they deserve.

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